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2017-2018 RSC Memberships

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2017-2018 RSC Memberships

Your 2016-2017 RSC and BCSF memberships expire Oct. 1/17. Memberships are available now at Rough Country Marine http://rough-country.ca/ and online at the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation website http://www.bcsf.org/cpages/home .
There has been an icrease this time for primary, family and non rider memberships. This is mosty to cover an increase in the portion of your membership paid to the BCSF. It was 4 yrs. ago that there was an increase to your RSC membership.

Primary $200
Family $300
Child $30
Senior $75
Non-Rider $20

Memberships will be available at the Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vernon snow shows. We are partnering with the BCSF and other clubs in the province and will all be in one area at the shows this fall.
We also have some great corporate sponsors in town who take the time out of their busy days to sell memberships for us each season, when membership books have been distributed we will get that list posted.
Memberships will also be available in the mornings when the season starts at the RSC Greeting Centre in the front Boulder lot.

Thanks everyone for your support.Gold logo.jpg small