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Benefits of Joining a BCSF Club

Did you know that not of all of the snowmobile clubs in the province support the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation.

When you join a club that does support $35 of your membership fee goes to the BCSF, they are your voice for snowmobiling in B.C.
The BCSF has been campaigning for the preservation of riding areas since its inception in 1965.
The original purposes as set out in their constitution was to develop an organization that was dedicated to safety, the growth of the sport, protection of the environment and securing access to public lands for all. These founding principles are still valid today.
You can find a list of Clubs that do support here https://www.bcsf.org/cpages/clubs

Membership Benefits
By joining your local Snowmobile Club that supports the BCSF you are choosing to support snowmobiling in BC and ensure that we have areas to ride for future generations. So while many people join the club for a groomed trail there is more to snowmobile clubs than just that. The volunteers in clubs negotiate with government to manage these areas and work hard to meet the ongoing requirements of these agreements. There are many well-funded groups getting organized and advocating to have us removed from the backcountry. We need to stay organized, have strong membership numbers, and support the volunteers that keep this all going so that the people that just want to ride can.

Your supporting Club membership includes a membership in the BCSF which gives you the following benefits with their corporate partners:
25% off your insurance with Capri Insurance (likely pays for your membership)
1 Discount at Marks Workwear
2 Discount at all Sandman Hotels in BC
3 Additional Discount at Sandman and Sutton Place Hotel in Revelstoke, BC
4 Discount at the Mountain Hideaway in Jaffray, BC (Kootenay’s)
5 Discount at the Hubs Motel in Wells, BC
6 Exclusive discount on all sled-wraps from LimeNine
7 Up to $70.00 off an AST1 course with Trigger Point Avalanche Training
8 $70.00 off an AST1 course with Zacs Tracs Avalanche Skills Training
9 $20.00 off an AST1 course with Hangfire Avalanche Training
10 Free subscription to SnoRiders Magazine
They are constantly adding member benefits so please check back and be sure to support businesses that support your sport!
To access these benefits you will need to join your local snowmobile club that supports the BCSF.