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Boulder Main Rd. is Plowed Now

Boulder Main Road is plowed now to the 3 km junction. There is parking at two km but do not block gate to the gravel pit. Parking at this time is extremely limited, it is recommend no large trailers, trucks and decks only. Road can be slippery in sections until it melts off. There will be no controlled parking so please park smart. If parking on the road make sure vehicles can get by. Caution should be used on the shoulders of the road, they are soft. Overall road is in pretty good shape but again, parking is very limited and turn around space is also very limited, especially for large units.

Please be aware that as April 18 active gravel hauling will start on the Boulder Main Road from the 2 km down. Use caution when going up and coming down the road and watch for large gravel trucks.

This is now a plowed Industrial Road so no snowmobile use on the road is allowed at all on the plowed sections.

Streeter St. the Boulder/Frisby connector trail and the Westside entrance by Peaks are closed now because of no snow.

We will continue the grooming program through the Easter holiday wknd.