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The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club is proud of the infrastructure of our emergency shelters and groomed trails in the Revelstoke snowmobile areas.  We are always working to improve and update these systems.
2010 – 2012 was an exciting time for the club.  We undertook and completed a major project to replace our aging Boulder Mountain cabin.
During the short window of opportunity (between last years snow melt and the coming seasons snow), the summer of 2012 saw the Frisby Ridge cabin updated.  A larger covered deck with firewood storage was added to the cabin along with an overall facelift to the existing structure.

  • Boulder Mountain Cabin
  • Frisby Ridge

boulder cabin 3

This day cabin is a beautiful 1500-square foot building, actually a large cedar building with a vaulted ceiling, plenty of benches, a large covered deck, lighting and the best drying racks around. And if that’s not enough, over the past two years we have had a food service providing a hot food service three days a week.

PARKING: There are two parking lots at the base of Boulder. A large front lot just off the secondary highway and accessible by a short joining road, another large lot called the back lot. At the back parking lot there is a toll booth at which an attendant will ask for proof of a current club membership which includes your season trail pass to both managed snowmobile areas, Boulder and Frisby. If you do not have a season pass, the attendant will be more than happy to sell you a day pass that is valid for either mountain for the day. There are five groomed trails managed by the Revelstgoke Snowmobile Club that lead to the cabin and into the alpine areas. These trails are: Bezanson, Veideman, Kirkup, LaRoy Lane and the West Entrance Trail. The trails vary in distance but all end at the cabin. Another trail called Streeter leads off from the back Boulder parking lot to Frisby Ridge. Grooming schedules depend on snow conditions and traffic but two of the three trails are groomed on a staggered basis up to seven days per week. During busy times throughout the season all four will usually have nightly grooming and at heavy traffic times (holidays) will be groomed during the day. Under normal circulstance, all grooming usually takes place at night. There is less traffic to contend with and the cooler temperatures allow the trail to set up overnight. Along the Kirkup Trail you can access Turtle Mountain. Intermediate to expert riding is suggested for this mountain. The branch off trail to Turtle is not groomed at this time. Front access onto Turtle goes across CMH Heliski runs. We ask that you do not snowmobile on these runs. Boulder offers a wide variety of riding to suit all abilities. Everywhere from the beginner to the expert will find their style of riding. And as everywhere around Revelstoke, the scenery is second to none.

frisby cabin

This is a much smaller day cabin than Boulder, more of a warming hut and gathering place before heading onto the mountain.  This cabin was renovated during the summer of 2012.
The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club resumed the Special Use Permit years ago, which was held at that time by the Nordic Ski Club.  This allowed us to establish a better and larger building on the site and to provide warming facilities for snowmobilers.  But over the years the building slowly deteriorated, thus the need for a facelift.   New doors and windows were added along with a covered deck, wood storage facilities and a storage room downstairs with easy access.  Painting the walls inside and installing coat and helmets hangers, a new clothing drying rack around the wood stove all added to the features of the cabin inside.  New treated cedar siding and a newly covered roof outside transformed the cabin.  As well a whole new toilet/generator room was built near the cabin with underground wiring to the cabin and solar panels to provide electricity inside the cabin.  A great stop over on your way up the mountain and a place to warm up in after your day of riding.

PARKING: The parking lot for Frisby is located approximately 5 kms up the Westside Road near the western entrance to the Revelstoke Hydro dam.  The main accesss trail is called Frisby Main but various other trails will lead off of this trail and all end at the cabin. The trail leading from the cabin to the top is called the Feldinger Trail, named after a long time member and pioneer of the club who loved to ride this mountain.  As with Boulder, you are required to have either a club membership or a day trail pass.
There are now three established trails leading to the cabin from the Frisby parking lot.  All the trails have now been named and will be signed in the near future, similiar to the signs you see on Boulder.  Trail names you will see are: Frisby Main, Dickson Drive, Davis Drive, Bill’s Bypass and McKay Way, the last being the newest addition to the trail system on this mountain.Grooming is generally five to six times a week weather and snow conditions permitting as well as traffic use.  Streeter Street at the junction, approximately 2kms from the toll booth leads over to Boulder and Turtle mountains.

Important notes that apply to both cabins:

Both day cabins have a sign in book which we strongly suggest you sign upon arrival at the cabin and again when leaving the mountain.  This is a very important and effective tool in the event of a search and rescue operation as well as giving the club vital statistics regarding the number of users on these mountains.
Always check weather and avalanche conditions prior to proceeding with your ride to any area.
Both cabins are family cabins and we have a few rules that we ask you to respect:

• No foul language
• No alcohol or drug use
• Please take out what you brought in, there is no garbage service up here
• Chop all wood in the basements
• No overnight stays
• Respect what the club has done to provide these buildings for your use and pleasure, treat them well.

These cabins are the result of many years of hard work by dedicated volunteers.  We hope you enjoy the facilities but we would appreciate it if you respect these rules and of course, never be afraid to help out with firewood or clean up as required.
Revelstoke offers numerous riding areas, managed by RSC.  All areas are worth your time to visit.  The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club is a signer on trail management agreements with the provincial government.

Enjoy your stay and if you have any questions contact the club via the email address on the web site.