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Caribou Closures in Effect Starting Jan.1/19

The RSC would like to remind everyone Caribou Closures are in effect Jan. 1/19 on Frisby, Sale, Keystone/Standard Basing and a complete closure at Caribou Basin inclusive through Apr. 15/19. That means these areas are open to ride again on Apr. 16/19.

It is your responsibility if you are going to ride these areas to know the closure boundaries.

You can find info about the closure areas in Revelstoke here on our website http://revelstokesnowmobileclub.com/wildlife/

More info can be found here on the Gov. website http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/wildlife/snowmobile-closures/

You can pick up Caribou closure brochures at any of the 3 trailhead booths and at the Welcome Centre.

At the Frisby cabin there is a 4’x8′ sign at the trailhead and maps posted in the cabin, closure borders are marked with signs.

Closure borders are marked with signs on Sale and at Keystone/Standard Basin and you will see 4’x8′ signs posted at the staging areas.

The is no access what so ever during the closure period at Caribou Basin.

There is no reason for you to not know the closure boundaries and to not comply.

With the province facing additional closures to snowmobiling we all need to be stewards of the backcountry.

You will see increased enforcement. Control and Enforcement Officers can impound your snowmobile and or your vehicle. Fines have been increased.

Read more about potential closures here