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Grooming and Access Boulder/Frisby

The RSC has started the grooming program on a regular schedule for the season now. The club will be grooming both mtns. every evening and doing additional day grooms Thurs. – Sat. afternoons and Sun. on holiday wknds.

We still don`t have snow in the main parking lots and are staging up Boulder 3 km. junction pit and up the Bezanson. There is also parking at the 4 km. lot on the Kirkup.  Truck/decks can park up past the 4 km lot to approx. 5 km. We continue to ask that you use decks and small open trailers. Parking and turnarounds are limited.  http://revelstokesnowmobileclub.com/boulder/

At Frisby you are staging at the Streeter St. junction and up above in the till pit. Frisby has better access for large trailers, http://revelstokesnowmobileclub.com/frisby/

Grooming now is depending on riders, snow and temps. in the current forecast. There is 5 ft. of snow now at both the Boulder and Frisby emergency shelters.

Staff will be asking to see your 17/18 RSC membership or collecting a $25 daily fee daily now.

There is debit and credit available at the trailheads.