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Grooming Report Dec.5 2018

Boulder Mountain

Bensanson Trail- Groomed

Veideman Trail-

Kirkup Trail-Groomed

West Trail-

Laroy Lane-

Above Cabin-

Snow Depth @ Cabin – 4.5feet

New Snow- 0″fresh

Temperature.- -15

Frisby Ridge  No Groom

Frisby Main-

Streeter Street-

Dickson Drive-

Davis Drive-

Bill’s Bypass-

McKay Way-

Feldinger Trail-

Bill Gill –

Above Cabin –

Snow Depth @ Cabin- 5 feet

New Snow -0″ fresh

Temperature –

Groomer operators are asking riders to ride on the trail above cabin to access alpine. Riders are climbing up the side of the trail which is a snow bridge and chewing away the trail. Until we get a significant amount of snowfall this trail will not be able to be groomed.