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The club maintains cabins and grooms/maintains the trail systems on both Boudler Mtn and Frisby Ridge.  Both of these areas are managed and are a pay to use system.  You can choose to pay a Daily Trail Pass or purchase a yearly membership.  The rates for memberships are stated below. The price for a daily pass is $25, if you are a member of another BCSF club and by presenting your BCSF membership card you will be granted a $5 discount off the price of a daily pass.

When you purchase a membership, it does include your trail pass fee for both Boulder Mtn and Frisby Ridge for the season. This will enable you to access both trail systems without paying the daily fee.  Your membership will also include a non voting membership into the BC Snowmobile Federation, with added discounts and a free subscription to SnoRiders West Magazine.

3rd Party liability insurance is not required when using a snowmobile trail but we strongly encourage you to carry this type of insurance. This insurance is available through your private insurance provider.

If you are considering buying a membership and expect to be visiting Revelstoke in the near future we ask that you purchase your membership locally to prevent it being in the mail when you need it.


Memberships will be will be available at the RSC`s Welcome Centre when the season starts.

Memberships  will be available through the following business`s when we receive them and they are distributed.

    • Rough Country Marine
    • Infinite Powersports
    • Best Western Plus
    • Sandman Hotel
    • Boulder Mt. Sled Shed
    • Smokey Bear Campground
    • Glacier House Resort


Primary: $200

Family (any two people in a home): $300

Child (under 17): $30

Senior (65+): $75

Non-Rider: $20 (no trail pass)

Memberships will be available at the Edmonton, Saskatoon and Vernon Snow Shows.
All memberships include a membership into the BCSF (even the non-rider membership)


Download Membership Form

Single membership 17 and over, family can include any TWO people living in the same household: e.g.: dad and son, dad and daughter, husband and wife, mom and daughter or son, etc. Family membership HAS to include one adult for insurance reasons. Junior members who ride their own snowmobile are required to have a separate membership (insurance reasons) and a Trail Pass Decal which comes with the membership. They need to have someone within the family with an adult membership. A Junior CANNOT purchase a membership without an adult within the family having one. No Trail Pass decal will be issued with a Non-Rider membership.
Print and fill out the membership application form and make money order or cheque payable to the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and mail to:

Revelstoke Snowmobile Club

Box 1849

Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0

We are now accepting credit cards for memberships sales through the office.
When buying a family membership, please make a copy of the form and fill out one for each member of the family. We NEED proper mailing address, phone number, postal code, and  email address. Please print clearly so we can read the information on your membership application. We would really appreciate your email address so we can send important snowmobile information to you. It saves us a lot of time and expense and gets you the information immediately. This information only goes to the BCSF, we do not distribute it to anyone else.