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Mtn. Caribou Closures in Effect Jan. 1/19

Closures on Frisby, Sale, Keystone/Standard Basin and Caribou Basin are in effect one minute after midnight Dec. 31/18 and are inclusive through till midnight Apr. 15/19.

Enforcement will be increased with Government`s $27,000,000 budget to monitor and study herds in the province, fines have been raised to $575 and enforcement officers have the right to impound your machine.

We hope you are all reading about the additional closure areas being proposed in the province now and understand the importance of complying. Don`t be that guy.

You can read more about Mtn. Caribou, read best practices should you encounter an animal or herd and find maps for the closures in the Revelstoke area here http://revelstokesnowmobileclub.com/wildlife/