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Sign the Letter

BC Government Letter Writing Campaign


January 17, 2019 The Revelstoke Snowmobile Club (RSC) has initiated a letter writing campaign to the BC Government requesting Public Consultation Regarding Backcountry Closures.  This letter was written on behalf of all visitors to and residents of Revelstoke.  This letter is not backcountry user or industry specific.


We, as a broader community, need to band together to ensure our livelihoods and lifestyles are not compromised.  Sign the letter.  Have a voice.



“It is of great concern that the Government of BC has not provided adequate consultation opportunities regarding the closures in the backcountry that relate to the issues surrounding species at risk. Industry stakeholders and the general public deserve a say to their government about this very important issue.

Backcountry access is crucial for those who own (snowmobile, cat/heli-skiing) industry-based businesses, tourism-based businesses, and taxpayers and homeowners in rural BC. The ripple effect of these potential closures could be catastrophic to our economy and to our lifestyle. It is for this reason that I am asking the BC Government to engage with the public about an issue that could deeply affect many rural British Columbians.

The preservation of healthy wildlife populations is a goal worthy of pursuit, yet a fine a balance must be achieved with concern for the livelihoods of many citizens. Please give British Columbians the consultation that they deserve about this very important issue. Backcountry access fuels our economy and provides immeasurable cultural and social benefits. Many opportunities for community building and quality family time are found in the great outdoors, providing mental and physical health benefits to those who answer the call of the mountains.

Please let us work together with this government to explore the best ways to address the challenges that we are facing.”


Stop in at the RSC Welcome Centre, located at 4177 Westside Rd, to sign a copy of the letter.  Alternatively, a PDF file can be downloaded here.

MLA Letter re Backcountry Closures 20190116

Drop off signed copies at the Welcome Centre or mail to Box 1849 Revelstoke BC V0E2S0. or email to signtheletter@gmail.com


A recent article from the Revelstoke Mountaineer



Many local businesses have partnered with the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club with this initiative.  Letters can be signed at these locations:


Full Speed
Glacier House Resort
Infinite Powersports
Integrated Apparel
NAPA Revelstoke
Rough Country Marine
Sandman Hotel
Sled Rent.ca
Boulder Mt. Sled Shed
Smoky Bear Campground
Zalas Restaurant



If we have missed your business from the list, or you would like to participate by having letters available, please contact the Revelstoke Snowmobile Club Office 250-837-3325 to be added.