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Watch For Moose on Lower Trails!!!!!!!

Please watch for moose on lower trails at Boulder and Frisby. A cow and her two calves are being reported  for the last few days on the lower portion of the Kirkup trail.

Other moose sightings have also been reported on lower trails at Frisby.

Please practice these guidelines.

Best Operating Practices in Wildlife Habitat

If wildlife is encountered, refrain from approaching.

Stay on your snowmobile.

If wildlife is encountered on a road or designated trail, turn off the engine and remain on your sled. Wait until the wildlife have moved off the road or trail before continuing and make every effort to stay as far away from the wildlife as safely possible.

If wildlife is encountered in a play area, don’t approach them. Shut down your machine to give the animals a chance to move away, then leave the area and refrain from riding within sight of the wildlife.

If wildlife tracks are observed, don’t follow the tracks.

It’s okay to take photographs of wildlife if from a respectful and safe distance.