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We have purchased the new power system, still needing to find the time to install it though. The plan is to transport the system up to the cabin later this week and have it installed.

Thanks Cory again for all your help. When we get the mast and new solar panels this is a $10,000 project to improve our power system at the Boulder cabin and it is possible because of all our members support.

The system we are using now is burning 300 litres of  fuel a month, the new system will use 120 litres per month and will automatically start when voltage is low in batteries.


Thanks again Cory Osmundson for all your help with the camera and power. http://www.teampowersolutions.ca/

Check out the animated series of photos from previous days thanks to Jimmi Darke at Darke Consulting.

We also want to thank Yamaha Motor Canada for sponsoring our YamaCam and internet service at the cabin for safety purposes for the past 5 seasons.

Please note the password for the internet at the cabin is sidewinder.

The top marker on the pole is 18 ft.

Sponsored by Yamaha

Click here for a mobile friendly view of the latest image

Click here to see an animation of the last few days