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The Yamacam will run intermittently for the time being.

The Yamacam relies on solar power and a satellite system which, due to the remote location and power demands, can be unreliable at times.  When we have staff travelling up to the cabin running grooming equipment on a regular basis we run generators and store power. This power supports lights in and outside the cabin, the satellite, internet service and the camera.

Until we have enough snow to run the grooming machines we are relying on there being enough snow and volunteers hauling fuel to power us up so we can all get a look.

Last season the  Yamacam had 62,551 visits (Sept.-May).
Thanks Yamaha Motor Canada for once again sponsoring the Yamacam and internet service at the cabin for safety purposes for the 17/18 season.

We apologize if at times the Yamacam is not showing an image, or the image shown is not up to date.

The top marker on the pole is 18 ft.

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YamaCam processed by Darke Consulting